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    (CNN) -- The sea of signs and flags held with defiant pride may have said "31" -- but the history books will note that Juventus clinched a record-extending 29th Italian league title Sunday, with three matches to spare.
    The "Calciopoli" match-fixing scandal which saw the club stripped of its 2005 and 2006 scudettos and relegated to Serie B still lo
    → Views - 5850

    → Views - 5033

    Los Angeles (CNN) -- Legendary pop singer Whitney Houston was found dead Saturday at a Beverly Hills, California, hotel, officials said. She was 48.
    The entertainer, whose incredible talent was discovered at an early age, was pronounced dead at 3:55 p.m. (6:55 p.m. ET) at the Beverly Hilton hotel despite resuscitation efforts, a police spokesman s
    → Views - 4861

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    (CNN) -- A group of hackers in Germany says it has found a way to bypass the fingerprint-sensor security system on the new iPhone 5S.
    The hackers claim they fooled the Touch ID biometric security of the iPhone 5S by photographing a fingerprint left on a glass surface and using the resulting image to create a fake "finger" which unlocked the phone.
    → Views - 4075

    (CNN) -- Here's a look at what you need to know about rampage killings that have occurred in the U.S since the 1940s.
    U.S. Timeline (selected only)
    includes incidents on college and university campuses as well as places of worship and offices.
    September 16, 2013 - Twelve people are killed inside the U.S. Navy Yard in Washington, DC. The
    → Views - 4388

    (CNN) -- This year's summer movie season is all about asking "What if?"
    As in, what if you had super powers and came from another planet? ("Man of Steel") What if the world came to an end and you were stuck at James Franco's house? ("This Is the End") Or what if you were pub-hopping during the end of days? ("The World's End")
    How about if mankind
    → Views - 5472